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One Year of Blogger

I first started blogging about photography a year ago to this day, (I cannot believe it's been one year) man how the times pass. Over a year ago I started interning with Denise Neufeld, just doing senior sessions, creative session and assisting her with whatever else she needed help with. After some time my Photography really started taking off. (I must note, at the begging of my photo career, I started with film photography, I never owned a Dslr until a few months ago, I would always borrow a Nikon D90 from the school, or ask my friends if I could use there spare camera for a weekend or two at a time. So to grow true strength in my photography was quite the challenge. But I kept at it, kept trying, and kept borrowing from whom ever I could.) Anyways, back to where I was at, after 3 months of working with Denise she recommended creating a blog, she told me "its free, its easy and its a great way for people to see your work." So that is what I did I created a blog.

This is a one year dedication to my photograph and to Denise Neufeld for helping me so so much, and not just with photography, but with live. Shes tough me so much in such a small amount of time.

Below is posted a photo of each month of the past year, kind of a small photo diary in a sense, but most of all this shows tremendous growth, of me as a person and more importantly me as a photographer.

Enjoy <3

February 2011
February of last year was a cold long winter, we got a lot of snow on the hills above Chico, Ca. It was great for nature photos, and well... that's about it. It had snowed all day this day and finally a few hours before sunset it stopped snowing. I meet up with my friend and her dog down the road and just played in the snow for a bit. After, walking home, well it was more of a run, I saw the orange and reds of the sunset peaking threw the trees, so I ran to the ridge ( not far off the road on the way home ) and I took this 3 shot panorama. It was a great start to my blog, so may people have enjoyed this image, its been many peoples background. Love when people take my work. haha
I hope you enjoy this as may others have.

March 2011
I've never been one to take photos of flowers, seems like everyone and there mother takes them and they all look the same. I knew I had to do something different with my "flower shoot" On this day it was cold, wet and just not very exciting to shoot outside. Oddly enough with the wet weather we had been having, these flowers were growing all over my property, So I decided to do something creative with them. I turned my room into a small studio, found this sweet old mason jar filled it with water and some plant food. People also seemed to love this series, guess my goal of being different with shooting flowers worked.

April 2011
Infrared Koi Fish
April last year was such a beautiful month, everything went into blossom quickly and everyday was sunny and warm. I believe I was sitting in one of my photo classes on one of these days and was sick of being inside. So I went and talked with our lab tech at the school to borrow the Infrared camera. Infrared is one of the coolest photographic effects I've ever seen! Here is a great link of amazing infrared photos, and this company also does infrared conversion for your cameras. Anyways... after I picked up the camera I walked around Butte College's Amazing and beautiful campus for awhile, then I came a large Koi fish pond, which I never knew we had! haha see what happens when your stuck in the photo buildings all day everyday. Wasn't for sure how well the fish would turn out in infrared, but I've been quite pleased with this photo.

May 2011
Ahhh the wonders of night photography. The very night before this shot I took some photos of these same buildings at Chico State, But I wasn't happy with a few of them, so this time I brought a friend with me and tough her how to do some long exposure photos, after that I thought doing some HDR photos of the building would be pretty cool. Believe it or not, this is a 1 shot HDR. I exposed for the dark brick and I then in post is where I did all of my HDR effects, using Lightroom 3. I've actually done a tutorial on how to do this effect ;) Looking at this photo now I know I would have done a lot of things differently, Guess that is a good sign of growth of a photographer.

June 2011
My very first wedding. This wedding I was only a second shooter/assistant but was loads of fun and a little bit on the stressful side, other than that, Hot Hot Hot is all I have to say! haha Nearly every photographer I know has told me they hate weddings, dislike them or will never do another wedding in there career ever again. But you know, there not all that bad, Not what I normally shoot, not the most glamorous thing to shoot, but all in all quite fun. I mean your just recording a big fancy party! I actually cannot wait till I can be lead photographer at a wedding, I keep telling my brother to marry his girlfriend. but we will see! haha

July 2011
:( July was a month of Zero images taken by me, very sad month indeed! This was a great time to find me as a person and photographer, while also working a ton at my local gym, nearly 50 hours a week, so I didn't have time for much else anyways.

August 2011
Wedding number 2! This wedding was tons of fun, pretty stress free too, which was nice for everyone. The church was the darkest church I've ever seen. The church was converted from an old warehouse with about a dozen candles lighting the place. It was a lighting nightmare! most of our shoots where outside, and late summers in Northern California is amazing lighting! I love this series of images, this little boy was Soo cute! and the fact that no one else saw him, made it a special moment, love the fact that the bride and grooms get away car is right behind him, everyone else was too busy with them.

September 2011
:( September was another month of no photos. I know it was month of very creative design though.
I had a lot of clients needing Cards, logos, and other stuff for their business. 

October 2011
October was the end of Dry spell and the birth of a great start. This is my buddy Richard's baby, Richard Gabriel Crim. Such a cutie! first time I've take baby photos, he was nearly 3 months old when i took these photos, so he was a big of a worm wiggling all over and not wanting his photos taken. Even with all the wiggling, funny faces and crawling around I did manage to snap a few good shots of this little guy. The family enjoyed these photos a lot, and for photographing a baby for the first time so did I.

November 2011
Night shooting, One of my friends needed some night shots for a class he was taking at one of our local colleges, so he asked me to tag along for some night shooting advice. He ended up getting permission to shoot at our local fuel station, you have to get clearance to shoot places like these, you don't want to just hop a fence, you'll get a gun pointed in your face if you try that! So we meet up after I was off work, headed out to the fuel station and he snapped a lot of photos, I took a few, and this was one that really seemed to pop out to me. Not sure why, not sure what this image says to me. its just very pleasing to the eyes.

December 2011
The beginning of Winter in Chico, one of my favorite times, this Winter has been a very calm, dry and warm one. Which makes me a bit on the sad side! One of my old friends from high school, how happens to live a few houses away from me asked me to take photos of her son for his 5th birthday. She told me she'd never had "Real" photos taken of her son, so I was a bit flattered that she implied that I'd be taking "Real" as in "Great" photos of her son. The fact that I've never taken photos of 5 year olds was a bit intimidating at first, I've worked with 5 year olds for year, but in a pool, never at a photographic stand point, But at least I had a good common ground with a 5 year old. Nick was actually really easy and fun to work with. His mother loved the images and as did the rest of the family. Kids are loads of fun, super random and have way too much energy!

January 2012
Month 12, 1 Year, I can't even believe that 1 year went by this fast! It seems like just yesterday I started this blog. This was a chilly shoot, everyone met up at my work downtown, had her hair and makeup done in the bathroom, while that was being done I still had work to do and was running on a few hours of sleep, for the whole week, it was kind of a bad combo for trying to work with a crew and a model I've never worked with or met before. But at the end of the night we had a lot of fun and got some great images. Was originally going for a 1960's feel... not sure if I hit that feel or not, I'm thinking I need to do some creative post work on these to make them feel vintage and old.
This photo shoot was also taken with my new Digital Camera :) Super excited about that!

After a year going by it seems like my skills in photography have taken off, just making this post I've seen my own growth, things I would have done differently for each shoot or how I could have edited something differently and at the end of each day that's called growth! This is a start to a new year, a new beginning and I've already begun a great start, please follow me in my day to day with my Project 365. Watch me grow, support the arts!

I'd like to thank everyone who has been in my life and shown me support and love over the past year, you know who you are. Thank you all so much <3

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