Monday, July 16, 2012


As much as I love shooting normal people, its always great to work with a fantastic model, someone who knows what to do in front of the camera, and someone who you can carry on a conversation while shooting. (Some small Insight from me) when I first saw Bernadette, I wanted to work with her, but I thought my work was shit, yes shit! so I never thought that we would work together, and I knew she was a career model, so I was somewhat intimidated of her, some people fear great beauty. Funny thing is, a few weeks ago she tells me how much she loves my work and that she wanted to work with me. So you beat your soul I was nervous when we first started shooting, but Bernadette is so easy and fun to work with, any fears were washed away. And we got some fantastic images together, very much looking forward to working with her again :)


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