Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Storms

This summer has been such an odd summer for me (bear with me, I'm getting deep and posting more then just photos on this post) It's been different in a lot of aspects, like one, I have only been doing side jobs for work, which has lead to loads of free time, free time to have a chance to really think. Well needed thinking, but I've yet to come to any real answers to the questions that I've had about the world, others and most of all myself. I think one thing I've found for sure is that all the answers do lay within me, and no one or nothing else. So, I've been doing a lot of soul searching, trying to find "ME" yes ME! who I am, who I want to be, what I want to do with my life. I know a few facts that are true about me, 1. I care deeply about the ones I do let my guard down for. 2. I am a natural giver / protector and last, I have a need for helping people.

Seems to me I need the chance to help others once again, I'm not sure how, or when, but I know in my heart, and in my soul I need to make a difference in this world. I wasn't brought into this world to be famous, or rich, to be the best photographer or to even be remembered at a large scale. At the start of my day, my only goal is how I can make a difference in someones life, even if its something small, like picking up a friend from the airport, even if you have no idea how to get there, and you get totally lost on the way home with them, or if its a shoulder to cry on, or if its just to lend a helping hand with a task. I just want to help, I've had the idea of going to Africa, or India and help out over there, it'd be good for my soul, for my mind for my heart :) though a one on one help is great, I feel in the need of more! (tell you the truth I feel like typing this out is really helping me too, answering a few of my own questions as I am writing.)

A few weeks ago, my aunt called me, telling me she needed a load of help with her many businesses, (this lady has too much on her plate!) Being free as a bird, I said I'd come help out with whatever she needed for the week. So my brother and I went up to Gardnerville Nevada to see her. The week, well not even week, 5 days has helped me see the true me, opened a my eyes a little wider and really helped with some soul search. (my aunt is a very spiritual woman as well, and has many friends in the same mind set, inwhich I had the opportunity to meet)

Here are some of the amazing places I got to see while trying to clear my head, my aunt says its rare to have such cloudy skies this late in the summer. So maybe its a sign that change is on the way, and not just for me, for you as well if you are in need and of change and willing to do what is necessary to do what it takes to get change.

A few quotes that have always stood out to me, and really ring true lately

"insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

"there is only do or don't, no try"

This next photos is one of my all time favorite photos I've taken, not really sure why yet, but it speaks to me, I'm also so greatful I was able to spend some time in water :) I've been craving to be in a lake or ocean for days! this trip was well needed in so many ways!

 The skies up here were epic! so amazing :)

Arial view of South Lake Tahoe :)

As always, Enjoy!

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