Thursday, January 24, 2013

1 more year down, the ton's I've learned.


February was when I started my first Project 365. Sadly I never finished it. Life can get in the way of doing the one thing you love the most. But throughout the 200 or so days I did shoot, I grew so much as a person and as a photographer. I really wish I could have finished the project. Im sure one year I'll finish it. No matter what level you are on in photography I highly recommend a project 365, you will learn and grow sooo much more in that one year that you will ever think.

March was the start of my "Natural light" phase. This shot here, a test shot of just sun and reflector at the magic / golden hour. Tons of images biased off this natural lighting style came out this spring and summer.

This month, was the start of Thursday Night Markets, every thursday for the summer I went out and shot the 'streets' for some more journalistic style of shooting.

May, my birth month :) this year I treated myself with going to one of my most beloved cities in the U.S Spent almost a week out on the East Coast, Staying in New Jersey and taking the bus over to NYC everyday was quite the fun traveling experience. Got tons of great photos, and some good and bad experiences, Like getting stuck on Manhattan Island till 3am not being able to cross over to NJ. haha But none the less it was a great time :)

The end of May, into Early June was quite the Vacation, Went form NYC to the bay area to shoot a wedding, then off to SF to visit with one of my good friends. It was 3 weeks of great travel :) I've been truly blessed with the gift of photography and it leading my life to such amazing places.

Ohhh how I've missed summer time, being out in a field of itchy grass, which I came to the conclusion im allergic too, sweating bullets, but for a great reason... Wonderful amazing backlit images. Her is Bernie this was our first of many shoots this past summer, some similar to this, some.... a little out of my comfort zone. haha but they were all equally fun. Bernie if you are reading this, I've missed ya!

August and September I spent a lot of time in the Tahoe, Nevada area, helping out someone. It was a great time up there, kept busy, almost always something to do. This photo was taken a few hundred feet above Lake Tahoe in a helicopter. My first 20min Helicopter tour ever! around south shore lake tahoe. boy was it a blast, although some of the company made it less enjoyable, lets just say a tiny little helicopter full of not so little people isn't that exciting. but I got a window seat (lucky me) so I got some good photos and some great video :)

Ahhhh the start of Fall <3 and I finally got a new lens! 50mm 1.8G yup not the 1.4, but proven to be even better and more reliable as the 1.4G The start of fall always takes me back, I've always loved fall, the colors, the smells, the weather, wearing clothes! Yup, for a guy I love my clothes :) During the fall I was happy to shoot a bunch of families and a few senior portraits.

October was a slow month for me, but near the end of the month a company came to me to go shot some video and take some still images for them up in Redbluff California, about 1.5 hours away from me, and about 30min into the middle of nowhere! The whole weekend was all about, Hog Hunting! Day one we found nada, Day two and there were much more productive. This shot here was the start of day 3, just as the sun had come up, around 40 degrees, cruising around the hills in a rhino. It was such a fun weekend, one I will never forget, no matter how sleep deprived I was the whole time there. haha Also go to shoot some pretty neat guns on the ranch's shooting range, it was a great weekend for many things this is for sure!

I feel that this photo is more then enough to say about november, they say a photo says a thousand words, well this is 2 photos stacked, so two thousand words is just grand.

Winter Weddings are amazing! Winter is when I will be wed, whenever that may be. This was the end of 2012, and I've never felt so blessed by my fellow photographers and friend, for all of the support, encouragement and motivation throughout the year that you have supplied me with. I hope I find new friends in my new place this coming year of 2013 :) This year will be my year of weddings, Im really thinking that his is what I'd enjoy to do. I have heard nightmare stories of brides, and whatever. But life can be a nightmare, and part of being a great photographer is being able to deal with stuff like this.

Start of the new year is like the start of a new day. Lets just say 2013 is a new start of me in many new ways! whoever decides to take part in my life this year, your in for a great ride, and I thank you ahead of time for sticking with me and pushing me to be the best I can be. Friends like you are well needed! and I can never thank you enough!

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